Quality or Credit

Do you have the same feeling or experience when you read the title?  I do believe, since there are so many things unexpected in our life, while the most important is not for the things that happened or what you suffered, it is the way how you treat and what you learned for better further?  As we stated in another link, a partner who worked with us cheated us and finally disappeared with around USD 150000, for a small company, it was not easy for us in 2013-2014, some staff left because hard for us to pay the salary, some raw material suppliers called everyday for payments, office rent, tax, everything need to be cared, we tried to get something back but get nothing with no more response from my partner, no income, no customers, since we were only in charge of the production side, and we always follow the principle never skip our partner to contact with the customers, we shout, blame, while no any progress, the only choice is ”forget it and face it ”, then we started contact the customer in different ways even it is difficult to set up the trust, and made loan from the bank and friends, and stand up again in around 1 year, even it is so tough which can’t describe by any words, while we made it

Looking back to this story, we feel grateful, all of these happened due to some reasons, most of them are ours

1) Never sign a contact even a proforma invoice with our partner

2) Start orders with no deposit and ship without payment sometimes

What an important lesson in our business, something happened just remind us this way is not right, you need to change

Then let us see what more we got

1) A good habit to have contract or proforma invoice to all of our clients, no matter big or small orders, guarantee to both of our clients and us, this is also something a professional company does

2) Many good customers, after we got in touch with these customers, we know all the stories told by our partner were fake, all of them have good reputation with all the payments paid for deposit and balance before shipping

3) Better order organized, we have enough time to make better quality products

4) Most importantly, we gained so many skills, also could say potential was inspired, and learn how to serve and understand our customer better, we do understand how helpless when cheated by others, and we promise as our faith says: always work hard and sincerely, NO CHEATING! (not only on the payment, but also take all the responsibilities)