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What’s Your Idea When Suppliers Advise He Can Make Everything?Feb 04, 2018

What’s your idea when suppliers advise he can make everything?  


Let’s start with an interesting topic, what’s your idea when suppliers advise you they can make everything?  Everything does not mean all the industries, but maybe his industry, same working process, same or similar material, same molding methods etc. WHY we mention this, since we had a discussion with one of our friends, he advised if our clients has anything else related to his industry, just introduce to him, such as rubber, plastic, foam items……, actually we resist in mind, not because of the words they can make everything, but the insecure feeling. It’s a typical phenomenon, suppliers tell the clients, we can make this, we can make that, it’s very simple, there is no big deal, we advise if you listen to these, just be careful, if you are going to start cooperation, please try first to minus the risk.  Actually in earlier years, when we worked with our partner from USA, we collected experience from hundreds of suppliers, a supplier told you they can make, no any problem, while he really know what the clients want?   How you make it? How can I trust you can make it?  Even we can’t show the real products right away, while can we talk something with customers regards on the raw material, molding, sampling, workmanship, quality checking, production etc. they will feel much more relaxed and confident to start based on these details? 


Sure, this topic reminds us, we are the supplier, and think from the customers’ perspective, when they check a new supplier, what they care about?  safe payment, good quality, good service, timely delivery?   We need to reply the emails sincerely with our values, we do not promise we can make anything you want, just please advise us what you exactly need, we will advise after over checking, and feedback with all details- price, molding/sampling time, production time etc. together with advice on the workmanship if we think any adjustment will be helpful on the cost reduction or quality. And there is one thing important, if there are any issues in the production process taking the responsibility is our only answer, since promising the clients before the order we can make everything for you, but refuse to be responsible when problems happen in the production will hurt the customers as well as our relationships.  


Purchasing is not only exchange between money and products, the more important is credit and trust, just like a bridge, then everything will be natural success.  


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