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What Influence The Result In The Business Negotiation?Feb 01, 2018

How a company will be better and better?    There is one thing important: every staff in this company need to study and improve themselves every day, by meeting, learning from each other or reading the books then practicing, and sharing with others.

 Today we have a meeting, a reading salon, there is one topic from a book which written by Colleen Stanley USA, and we discussed what you will do when the client negotiate the price?  Refuse right away or give discount right away to get the order?   We had some experience, some customers complain our price is 20% higher than other manufactures, while why they still buy from us?  Over 20% is true? Everything today is transparent, the raw material and other costs, even our cost is slightly higher, what the clients need out of the lower price?  Credit: make sure the safe payment, Better understanding: Good cooperation and communication in the whole process to make sure the smooth order?  Responsibility: guarantee everything will be settled in case of any problems? etc. do not debate with our clients, just think and decide based on our common interests, we have the same goal, make the things right and everybody wins the profits. 


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