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Today We Finished The Paper Bags For TRAIL Medals(stainless Steel Medal)Jan 04, 2018

The 1st shipment of the medals will be ready and picked up around Jan.20th and catch the departure date on Jan.27th, it will take around 35 days to USA by sea.  

Today we finished all the paper bags for packing the medals, there are 2 kinds of sizes, a small bag for the single piece and a bigger bag for sets packing.   there are 2 kinds of sets, one is 4 pcs(puzzles) per set, which forms a team with members of 4, and the other one is 8pcs(puzzles)per set which forms a team with members of 8, each single piece goes into the single bag, and 4 or 8 pcs inserted into the bigger paper bag.

Paper bags are good for the environment,and easy for the clients to dispose