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The Role Of Bottle OpenerNov 22, 2017

Life will often see the bottle opener, bottle opener is a small piece, but the role of the bottle opener contains a wealth of knowledge, the bottle opener is made by the principle of physical lever, used to open bottles to reduce the strength of the equipment, Even some bars or large aircraft in the service compartment kitchen will also use a mechanical lever bottle opener fixed on the bar or platform, by pushing, pushing, and advancing these three steps, the cork can be pulled out in a matter of seconds, and of course the opening of the bottle opener has been played to the limit.

The biggest effect of bottle opener is to save time, labor-saving, easy, and, now, with the continuous improvement of the public aesthetic, more and more bottle opener not only focus on their own role, but in the external type will be more creative elements to make the bottle opener more lively and interesting, for the original simple bottle opener added a point of life fun. The emergence of a variety of new styles of bottle opener, design unique, stylish, generous, has become an indispensable life of good helper.

For wine-loving friends, a bottle opener should be a handy gadget. Using a bottle opener, you can use less brute force to protect the health of your teeth. In addition, the bottle opener is inexpensive and rich in modelling, is widely used in the company group buying gifts. Friends, colleagues, the total celebration of the event, simple, convenient, beautiful, a design sense of a with the bottle opener, can always make a lot of the party.

The beautiful voyage of life begins with the use of a bottle opener, and enjoys the infinite convenience and pleasure of opening the bottle.