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The Meaning Of RunningMar 19, 2020

I've been working on medal descriptions lately, because most of them are marathons or other sporting events, and I was very impressed to see them.
   As far as I am concerned, I like sports, as a child from the school sports meeting of 12 years old, his own race to get the noun, though at that time no medals, but give me a piece of golden awards, in the sun, shining yellow letters on the certificates little light, and even a bit distracting, game process again hard again tired also became a joy in this moment.
  Now look at the medals we made. Heavy weight, bright colors, some with a unique bottle opener design, very convenient, wearing is also very beautiful, if I get such a medal, I think I will be very happy, and then take care to protect it.

We hope our medalds can bring more and more people the idea of health to exercise and have a good lifestyle.