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The Global Economic Reset Is ImminentApr 21, 2020

The global economic reset is imminent

  The slowdown was the immediate cause of Mr Trump's decision to return to work. A few days earlier, the governor of New York, the state hardest hit by the outbreak, said the rate at which new patients were admitted to hospitals had recently slowed.

It's worth noting that it's not just trump who is eager to get back to work. "let's work," he said, "work now," with similar signs on the lawn in front of the building. One of the protesters said he was running a small business, but was shut down by the governor, who knows the severity of the virus, but now they have been restricted too much. The average person is desperate to get to work. A home order means work stoppage, and work stoppage means zero income, which is a disaster for the over-spenders.

But health problems cannot be ignored. Everyone wants to return to normal life, but failure to follow science will lead to more deaths and a greater burden on the economy.
      About should return to work more from the industry point of view, is a lot of businesses in the United States on the global supply chain, some all return to work on local enterprise operation may not have the question, but a large number of dependent on upstream and downstream and are not to say that his country's enterprises will be able to return to work, the sense that can return to work, but also to consider divisions.