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The Easier Business Environment Under DecentralizationFeb 05, 2018

Today our company applied for something in the trade and industry bureau, and it only took around 2 hours, this is a miracle if happen a couple of years ago. China plays a more and more important role in the world, we can say, it’s the time or trend, the main reason is the major reforms in recent years, It’s good for all the parties involved, enterprises in China, buyers all over the world, and also our country.


At present, the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry have entered a critical period of tackling the difficulties. In addition, the entire industry is faced with such problems as serious overcapacity, lack of demand and rising costs. Therefore, the development of the manufacturing industry needs an external environment conducive to enterprise innovation and transformation and upgrading , But also need government departments to deepen the simplification of power and decentralization to enhance the efficiency and vitality of enterprise development


Beginning in 2014, the government began to push for the simplification of power and decentralization. By 2017, Premier Li Keqiang has considered simplification and decentralization as the "overriding gun" for government work for five years in a row. In his government work report this year, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out: "Adhering to the principle of advancing supply-side structural reforms as the main line, we will continue to stimulate the vitality of micro-entities, reduce ineffective supply and expand effective supply through simple tax cuts, relaxation of access and innovation, "We will fully implement the inventory management system, reduce the government's discretion and increase the market's right to choose." These policies are timely rain to the manufacturing industry, that is, continue to reduce the burden on enterprises, so that businesses can promote the reform and upgrading at a faster pace, and the bonus of the transformation and upgrading.

Today clients have more suppliers choices all over the world, while the cost is not the only element, a good goverment, developed transportation system and industries chain etc. is the protection of smooth and secure purchasing!