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Strict On The Details, Even For The ReordersDec 11, 2017

Our customer Wes from USA make the golf products with us, this is the 3rd year we cooperate, and almost each year we repeat the orders with the same designs, just quantities are different and increased every year, this year on Dec.8th, we prepared the pre-production samples for the 3 designs, and confirm every details on the size, color, weight etc. before send to the client, when he received the photos(previous and current samples together to show the matching), he felt very happy on the samples, the most important i think for him is that everything is eaiser beyond the quality, since they no need to push us for any update, just as what we did for all the clients, update with photos or videos for every step to make sure the customers are posted, since the process and results are equally important for a success and smooth order


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