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Spring Equinox Custom: Standing EggsMar 20, 2020

It's reasonable to say that the eggs are round, most of them are oval, symmetrical in shape and smooth in surface, so it's not easy to stand up. But it's not easy, it doesn't mean it can't. More than 4000 years ago, Chinese ancestors began to celebrate Spring in this way. But why lay eggs in spring? It's said that it's easiest to lay an egg on the spring equinox. Some experts analyzed the reasons behind it. On the equinox, the northern and southern hemispheres are equal day and night. The earth's axis tilted at 66.5 degrees is in a relative equilibrium state with the earth's orbit plane around the sun. So it's only at this time that eggs are easy to stand up.

Did you play the game of egg erecting this spring equinox? If not, don't be sorry. It's not only on the vernal equinox that you can stand your eggs. Some experts say that as long as you choose an egg with one side large and one side small, whether it's raw or cooked, then find the three convex starting points on the egg. According to the three points in mathematics, an egg can be set up successfully.