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Simple Product While Not Simple ProceduresJan 30, 2018

Sometimes, when the clients look at a product, they may think it's very simple or cheap from his experience, since most of the procedures are finished by machines, for example a medal with enamel, first step-die casting from a mold, then polish, electroplating, enamel, quality checking, packing, and shipping, sure it's the right procedure, while the results will be different if we do not control the process, first, the mold difference, good mold is the guarantee of a perfect product,  while if somebody do not use the good mold, quality can't be guaranteed, 2nd, enamel, some of our products with very big area color, we do not advise clients make the designs this way, while some of them make it for the beautiful purposes, we just work with the clients to make it happen, when you look at the colorfull surface, you may think they are finished once, while some of them need to enamel around 3-4 times, for 2 sides or even only 1 side, we need to enamel the 2nd color after the drying of the 1st color, the most important thing is we need to make sure the clean workshop, think about it, if the room is full of dust and drop on the surface together with the paint, what will happen?  you can see the bubbles on the surface, and they are ruined.

Also you may say somebody use machine for enamel, it's high-efficieny, sure, for some products with small area color, we can do that, guarantee the beautiful and good quality surface, we still make them by our experienced labors 

Purchase awards/sports medals, bottle openers, keychains, dog tags, book marks, money clips from China, please email or call us for any questions, you are welcome not only for inquires! 

awards medals with sublimated ribbons and big enamel area.png