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Regular And Ultra Medal Samples Are ReadyDec 14, 2017

Medals for 2018, Regular and Ultra, every year, our client Anthem makes the medals with different designs, with multiple functions tools such as spoon, fork, bottle opener etc., plus a hemp rope. this year, the TRAIL medals for are different and much more special,they have 2 kinds of teams, regular(a team with 8 persons) and ultra(a team with 4 persons), they are puzzled with 4 or 8 medals to be one set(all the front designs are the same for every location, while all the backs, each of them are different), today we finished the pre-production samples, the color on the stainless steel is electrophoresis workmanship, and the logo on it is made by laser ,nice apperance


Sent the photos to the client and waiting for the feedback