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Q & A On COVID-19 [ Will The Virus Spread Through The Air ]Mar 27, 2020

The new coronavirus is spreading all over the world. What should we do under such circumstances?

Here are some questions and answers. I hope they can help you.

Q: Should I go to the hospital if I am ill?            

A: IIt depends on your breathing.

More than 80% of the personnel actually don't need to go to the hospital. They can go through the ordeal at home. When must we go to the hospital? It depends on your breathing. If you feel that you have a little difficulty breathing, and you can't walk or catch your breath when you climb the stairs, this is a very important time to enter the hospital. Sometimes a fever is not necessarily the time to go to the hospital, so breathing is very important.

Q: Will the virus spread by breathing?           

A: Wash your hands more often.            

The probability of the virus passing through the air is very low. Under what circumstances will air travel occur? In a closed space, there is a large amount of virus load. American doctors will give you a suggestion that you should wash your hands often. Because you will touch the mask with your hands. The dirty things on your hands are easy to get on the mask. Contaminated masks are more dangerous than air. So wash your hands often.

Q: Should we stock up on drugs.            

A: The best medicine is to sleep more and not "fool around".            

It is not recommended to store a large amount of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, because its efficacy needs to wait for the results of further clinical trials. The best medicine is to drink more water, more milk, more eggs, more sleep and not go out to "fool around".