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Production Of Medals For Sports GamesJul 31, 2020

Awarding is the most ceremonial moment in the sports meeting. Achievements and glory are remembered in the medals. Therefore, the design of sports medals has also attracted much attention. A small medal condenses many factors from design, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and material selection. It is not easy to create within the scope of inherent elements and public acceptance. The design of the medal is naturally inseparable from local cultural elements.


Commonly used materials for making medals: copper, iron, zinc alloy or metal materials such as gold and silver.

Through the design of medal artwork, production of medal molds, pressing, punching, polishing, welding, electroplating and coloring, and installation, etc., medals that meet the requirements are produced.


Medals made of metal materials have become the mainstream of the current competition medal production, such as enamel medals and imitation enamel medals in high-end medals, as well as baking varnish medals, and relatively cheap metal medals made of iron.