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After we graduated, gradually, work becomes the main melody of life. This morning, one of our colleagues made a presentation about purchasing. He has more than 5 years of purchasing experience and expresses three points of it.


1. Work experience and accumulation


He did several other jobs before settling on purchasing. From an ordinary employee on the assembly line to a quality supervisor, he also used to deal with many problems and complaints in the after-sales department.


Although there are many differences between different jobs, the essence of each job they internalize lays the foundation for his success. As experienced purchasers, the biggest difference between them and green-hands is that they have a certain amount of high-quality suppliers accumulated. When certain types of goods appear, they can react quickly and give relatively accurate judgment.


2. Source of motivation


As a member of the company, no matter in purchasing or other positions, our biggest motivation comes from customers. We always stand together with customers, making joint efforts to do a good job in products. Customer's encouragement and affirmation will become the fuel agent of our way forward. Even though we sometimes encounter great difficulties, we still take a positive attitude and patiently negotiate for solutions. Therefore, giving timely feedback and communicating with each other fluently with sincere, no matter it is easy or difficult, which is a win-win choice for two sides.


3. Role positioning


Learning to switch roles is quite significant if you eager to excel in a job. We’d better build up a sense of ownership and take the work itself as our own thing. Only in this way can we change passivity into initiative and make prompt and crucial decisions.Honestly speaking, switching roles takes time, and when you truly love an industry, you will naturally give it your all.


The success of anything is inseparable from the unremitting efforts, when all is said and done, the remaining matters to time.

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