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Received thanks card from Utah, USA client Darla, ---People Treat The Same Way You Treat ThemFeb 02, 2018

Do you still hear from somebody by written?    

Today, we have better communication, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with others in a second by message or emails.   while if somebody write and send to you the papers by envelope, it will be very exciting.  

End of last year, we sent gifts to all of our clients, all of them feel excited and gratefull when them receive even they are just some simple items, one of our clients are extremely excited,she express the gratitude, and advised it's not enough, and sent to us a thanks card.  we received and feel very happy.   As Gavin says, we can be very good friends with our clients, the precondition is:  supply our customers with good quality and service.  otherwise there will not be long-term relationship.   

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