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CIVOD-19 Outbreak Prevention TipsApr 24, 2020

New Crown Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention Tips(1)

(1)Do I need to sterilize the delivery or delivery?

Different viruses have different survival time outside the human body. The virus contaminated during the delivery of the courier has already died, but in the delivery, the virus contaminated by the distribution may still survive. If you are worried about the indirect contact brought by take-out or courier, you can let the take-out delivery person put it at the door, wait for him to go and then take it into the house, then wipe the packaging bag with alcohol, and then open it after washing your hands.

(2)Remember to wash your hands and wear a mask. How to disinfect your home environment?

If you have not been in contact with any confirmed or suspected cases, and have not been going out for dinner recently, it is really unnecessary to be overly nervous about the word "virus". The home is still a relatively safe environment. If you are really worried, you can also use your mobile phone, Sterilize things such as door handles and remote controls that are in frequent contact.