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Keep Adjusting On The Marathon Awards MedalsDec 12, 2017

Adjust on the fonts of the medals

Everything is good on the size, weight, shape, enamel of the 12 puzzles medals, while the letters on both the front and back are rounded rather than straight on edges, we adjusted first time, the letters on the front got straight edges like the photo below and approved, while as for the letters on the back, the client still think need to adjust, we work on it right away and finish the 2nd round mold today and send to the clients, waiting for their confirmation



Front of the marathon medal, mold was made the 1st time

Mold for marathon medal made 1st time.png


Front of the medal (mold was adjusted the 2nd time)

zinc alloy material medals.png

2: Back letters(Mold made on the 1st time)--letters look rounded

awards medals.png

Back letters which were adjusted on the 2nd time, looks much better

sports medals.png