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How To Take Care Of The Family During The Epidemic(2)Apr 15, 2020

During the outbreak, disease control experts teach you how to wash(2)

Continuing the last few questions and answers on how to clean up at home, there are several other questions and answers to help everyone how to clean the house at home during the outbreak.

6. How to use alcohol spray, disposable gel and cotton ball?

Alcohol-containing hand disinfectants, disposable gels, etc. are mainly used for hand disinfection; 75% alcohol solution, alcohol cotton balls, etc. can be used for wound disinfection, or for mobile devices, computers and other electronic equipment and small objects wipe disinfection. The use of alcohol in large areas, especially with alcohol spray, requires attention to fire prevention.

7. Does the sole need to be disinfected before entering the door?

Sole does not need to be disinfected before entering the door every day. If you come back from a hospital or other places, you can use 75% alcohol solution or 84 disinfectant to disinfect the sole. The shoes only need regular cleaning.

8. Do purchased items, express delivery, and outer packaging need to be sterilized?

Under normal circumstances, it is safe, if you are not worried, you can spray the surface of express and living items with 75% alcohol solution

9. Should I spray alcohol when I buy vegetables, fruits and eggs?

Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary. Disinfecting with alcohol will dissolve many organic substances in vegetables and fruits, resulting in the loss of nutrients. You can put the purchased vegetables, fruits and eggs on the balcony and let them dry for a while. Wash and cook before eating.

10. When do I need to wash my hands

After going out, before meals, after going to the toilet, after handling raw meat, after touching other items, wash hands

11. Is alcohol hand cleaning cleaner than soap / hand soap?

Washing hands with soap / hand soap is mainly to clean the dirt on the hands to reduce or get rid of bacteria, while alcohol wiping is mainly to disinfect the hands to kill bacteria. When there is visible contamination of the hand, generally choose to wash your hands with running soap / hand soap; when there is no visible contamination of the hand, you can choose alcohol to wipe your hands for disinfection; when you come into contact with items contaminated by infectious patients, you should wash your hands first and then disinfect.

12. What to pay attention to when cleaning the bathroom?

Pay attention to remove hair and dirt, especially the sewer pipe mouth should be cleaned in time.

13. How often do I need to wash small items such as mobile phones, keychains, and public cards?

These high-frequency contact small pieces, as well as high-frequency contact parts such as door handles and faucets, should be cleaned and disinfected once every day, and disinfected and cleaned in time if they encounter pollution.

14. How to wash the air conditioner?

The air conditioner needs to clean and sterilize the filter screen and filter, preferably once a week, the outdoor unit can be washed regularly. Air conditioner cleaning should be operated after shutdown.

15. How often is the washing machine washed?

It is determined according to the frequency of household clothing, and it is usually sufficient to clean it once a month. Pay particular attention to regularly clean the drainage and filter

16. How often do futons and curtains need to be washed?

Bedding and other bedding should be washed more, generally 2-3 times a month. As usual, curtains can be washed 2-3 times a year.

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