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How To Take Care Of The Family During The EpidemicApr 10, 2020

During the epidemic, disease control experts teach you how to "wash" (1)    


As the weather gets warmer, many families have started to clean up. Washing and washing is a common business, but combined with epidemic prevention, many information housewives put forward many questions about the specific operation.            

Today, I'll answer for you one by one.   


1.Do tableware need to be sterilized?           

Disinfect once or twice a week. Boil the utensils in water for 15 minutes to 30 minutes, then drain and air dry. Do not dry them with dishcloth. If possible, disinfect the cabinet with dishwasher.           

2. Do you need disinfectant to clean the table or mop the floor?            

As usual, wipe the table or mop the floor in time when there is obvious dirt. Use 84 disinfectant (250mg / L) to wipe the table or mop the floor 1-2 times a week.   


3. What should be paid attention to when 84 disinfectant is used in the family?            

The concentration for domestic use is 250mg / L. Gloves are required before preparation. The effective concentration of 84 disinfectant sold on the market is 5%. Four bottles of tap water can be filled with 500ml empty mineral water bottle, and then 84 disinfectant with a full cap (84 disinfectant bottle cap) can be mixed.           

 4. Where can't 84 disinfectant be used?            

Try not to spray the electronic equipment directly, and the colorful clothes will be bleached after soaking. Disinfect the door handle, tables and chairs with high frequency contact for 30 minutes, and then wipe them with clean water in time     


5. How to select and identify alcohol products?            

70% - 75% alcohol has the best disinfection effect. When purchasing, check the product label, whether there is the health license number of the manufacturer, and then check the main effective ingredients and content of the product.