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3500pcs Military dog tag for men military gift, our client do not proceed timely because of the carenessless, How Important A Proper Production Schedule Is?Jan 31, 2018

Today we received an urgent email from our client in USA, have a look on detail below:  Client says, Looks like this got pushed aside over here during the holidays and I guess we forgot to send you the deposit for the 3500pcs Military dog tag order.Anyway - where are we with this?  Any chance getting them done before Chinese New Year?  What about shipping costs - you were going to see what the cost was for air vs sea?

Sure, when look at this email, we felt worried for the clients, while we sent over 5 times emails to push and confirm while there was no any feedback, we thought the order was canceled, but now, Chinese new year is coming, we are extremely busy with the ordes which need to be shipped out before CNY urgently, what more choices we have to make the new orders?   

We believe the client is so nervous about it, let's get more know what is the deadline, then plan the molding, production, shipping(by express with extremely high cost) at least to realease the client's pressure.

Sometimes, time is enough for some orders, we still advise proceed the order timely, otherwise it's too late when you realize suddenly 

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