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How Do You Protect Against The New Coronavirus?Apr 08, 2020

How do you protect against the new coronavirus?

the right way to wear masks & what kind of masks should be worn

① Ordinary cotton mask            

It can block 30% of bacteria, because the material itself is not tight enough, it cannot prevent infection

②surgical mask             

It can block 70% of bacteria. If you go to public places and don't contact with patients, it's enough to wear medical surgical masks

③Medical protective mask (N95)            

It can block 95% of bacteria. If you will contact the patient, you should wear the N95 respirator

Correct procedure for wearing mask            

  1. Make sure the face of the mask is facing inward and the end with the metal strip is facing upward. Hang the rope at both ends on the ear

  2. Cover the nose, mouth and chin with the protective mask, and press the nose clip upward against the face

  3. Make sure that the bridge of the nose is in the center of the mask, and hang the tape of the mask to the root behind the ear with your right hand, otherwise it will fall off easily

  4. Place the fingertips of both hands on the metal nose clip, move and press from the middle to both sides, and shape the nose clip according to the shape of the nose bridge to ensure the sealing of the mask

How to remove the mask

Do not touch the front of the mask (contaminated surface)

First untie the lower tie, then the upper tie. 

Hold the tie with your fingers and throw it into the container of medical waste. 

Wash your hands after removing the mask

The right way to wash your hands

Wash hands frequently and correctly

(wash hands with soap and water or alcohol containing hand disinfectant)

  1. Wet hands with water           

  2. Take enough soap and apply it all over your hand           

  3. Rub hands and palms 

  4. The center of the right palm covers the back of the left hand, with ten fingers crossed, and vice versa

  5. Hands face to face, fingers crossed

  6. The back of the fingers is folded in the palm of the other hand, and the fingers are clasped

  7. Raise the thumb of the left hand with the right hand, rotate and rub, and vice versa

  8. The five fingers of the right hand are close to the palm of the left hand, and the positive and negative sides rotate and rub and vice versa

  9. Wash hands with water          

The right way to sneeze

  1. Cover your mouth and nose with disposable paper towel and handkerchief, throw the paper towel into the covered dustbin after use and wash your hands in time, and the handkerchief can be taken home for cleaning

  2. If you don't have paper towels and handkerchiefs, cover your nose and mouth with the sleeves of your clothes, not your hands

  3. If you are wearing short sleeves, please raise your arms and sneeze at the creaky nest

Avoid contact with wildlife            

Do not eat food that is not quarantined or cooked

Try to avoid contact with wild animals. Do not hunt, sell or buy wild animals, especially bats, marmots and other sawtooth animals

Avoid crowded places            

Wear masks when going to public places

Coronavirus is not resistant to high temperature            

At 56 ℃ for 30 minutes, the virus died. Ether, 75% ethanol and chlorine disinfectant can effectively inactivate the virus

For the safety of friends and family, we should start from ourselves