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For Any Problem,The Only Solution Is Facing It!Dec 05, 2017

For any problem,what we need to do is taking action instead of making excuses


Our customer from USA placed an big order on the zinc alloy and stainless material medals, every year we make order for the entire year with seperate shipments,   we got the deposit paid and started the molding process, everything was confrimed before engraving the molding, while the edge for every letters on the awards medal was a little different from the file when the molds are ready, we decided right away to remake these 13 molds, it costs USD 2600 in our own cost, it is not a small amout, while we need to do that and to be more carefull in the following and keep our clients posted, the time is enough to finish these running race medals as scheduled, we need to ship by air to catch the event on Feb.9th, 2018 in our cost also, since it is our responsibility