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Finished Samples Of National Medal For Ourdoor AchievementNov 27, 2018

It took a long time to finish this medal of honor, a special tool with multi functions, it is a stainless steel material medal with letters engraved and paracord attached, it is an outdoor travel picnic spoon fork knife saw bottle opener camping hiking utensils, this personal utensil for camping, picnic, dining makes your travel easier since it’s Eco Friendly, Reusable, Portable and multi-functional, it is also a souvenir/gift/award/promotion item

Production process

1:Making mold(for stamping)

2:Make by flat pieces(stamp the stainless steel with all the tools cut out)

3:Shape the spoon and fork by the mold


5:Make the bevel and Grind the blades


Samples were shipped to our client and wait for approval

Thanks for reading, if you need any multi-functional stainless steel or ultra-Light Titanium spoon, fork, bottle opener etc. please feel free to contact us

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