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Enterprise Development Under Epidemic SituationMar 12, 2020

A sudden disaster swept the world - NCP, in the face of this disaster, China made timely and strong and effective measures to rescue and stop it, and we as the international exchange porter, is to make a lot of efforts. From the current situation, the impact of the new pneumonia epidemic on foreign trade is temporary and phased. But China's foreign trade is strong in toughness and competitiveness, especially the enterprise's innovation consciousness and ability to explore the market are very strong, so the long-term trend of foreign trade development will not change.

The state's support for our industry has undoubtedly become the strongest guarantee for us. In order to help enterprises resume production, guarantee orders, guarantee performance and guarantee the market, the ministry of commerce has issued 20 policies on "stabilizing foreign trade, stabilizing foreign investment and promoting consumption" in response to the epidemic.Issued by the《关于在做好防疫工作前提下推动商务领域企业有序复工复产的通知》


  Therefore, we will return to work in time according to the requirements, and will try our best to complete and guarantee the quality and export time of each order, for your protection of the greatest rights and interests