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Engraved Medal With ParacordDec 22, 2018


After several times test and adjustments, we finished the final trail medal sample case based on the requirements that our client 

would like to make on these pouches, the client decided the paracord color for the regular and ultra teams respectively, black for 

regular teams, and green for ultra teams, it looks a simple pouch, while not really in the sampling process, our customer also 

helps us to improve by graphic interpretation, it makes much easier to understand the sample better and finish sooner, we are 

very grateful to the clients’ assistance on this engraved medal with paracord  project, Christmas is coming, and the sample 

shipping was delayed due to the Fedex broke in,we are looking forwards the samples to be delivered soon and approved then 

prepare these spring half marathon medals for the 2019 spring events.

20172018 finisher fashion, trail medal,..

20172018 finisher fashion, trail medal ,

20172018 finisher fashion, trail medal ,.

20172018 finisher fashion, trail medal+