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Custom Stainless Steel Eating ToolAug 27, 2018

Our customer has asked us for a stainless steel eating tool including a cotton canvas pouch,this is different and unique, so we looked for a few suppliers, consulted them about the process and production of this stainless steel eating tool, and finally determined a supplier with very reliable quality service.

Stainless Steel Eating Tool

 -Estimated Total Qty: 50,000 

-Material: Stainless Steel 

-Size: 33.5 W mm x 160 H mm

 -Total Depth: 2 mm (Mock-up shows 1.5 mm but client would like 2 mm if possible) 

-FRONT METAL: Ragnar Logo 

- Laster Etch. Same for all 50,000 


-Trail Regular - Sets of 8 

-Trail Ultra - Sets of 4 

-4 sets of connector holes just like 2018 version 

-Packaged in one of the pouch options on following pages

 Cotton Canvas Pouch

 -Estimated Total Qty: 50,000 

 -Material: 8oz Cotton Canvas

 -Size: 52 W mm x 185 H mm


-FRONT POUCH: 19 locations with speciļ¬c design per location

 -BACK POUCH: 8 unique back designs used for all 19 locations (Text Puzzle) -Printed as one piece and then cut sewn into individual sets of 8 and 4. 

-Trail Regular - Sets of 8 

-Trail Ultra - Sets of 4

 -Black Paracord or Hemp Rope 

custom Stainless Steel Eating Tool.jpg

custom Stainless Steel Eating Tool22.jpg