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21858pcs Custom Made zinc alloy and stainless steel Medals for our US client is ready for sea shipmentFeb 03, 2018

New year is upcoming, it's Feb. 15th, and there will be around 20 days holidays, which is the longest holidays in china, most of the clients understand this, and prepare the purchasing in advance after Christmas, also for the suppliers, the most important thing is not only to schedule the production properly but also the shipping plan, since it's hard to hire a truck or tough to book the space when closed to CNY, and we need to plan all of these otherwise the stuff can not be shipped out around one month during the holidays, which will be a huge problem if it happens

Today we finished Custom Made zinc alloy and stainless steel Medals for our clients and loaded right away to catch the shipment to USA. all of them were inspected piece by piece, then into a bubble and paper bag, then inner boxes and master cartons at last, even time is tight and rush, we need to guarantee the production by our normall process, otherwise there will be quality problems, the right way is making sure all the products to be made properly, even in the cost of taking less new orders when the time is not enough closed to chinese new year