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Characteristics And Common Materials Of Metal MedalsDec 01, 2017

Metal medals belong to one of the medals, generally mainly by stamping, die-casting, bite version of the process produced, the medal surface can be electroplating gold, Gugin, ancient, nickel and other electroplating effect. It has simple and smooth lines, patterns, such as concave and convex features can be used paint, enamel, printing and other surface color technology to enrich the product.

The composition of metal medals: generally has the chapter body and GUANGPI two parts, some high-end chapter body uses the pure silver, the copper, the pure gold and so on partial suppression, GUANGPI generally uses the alloy to suppress.


Metal medals The original embryo is used to make paint medals, soft enamel medals, epoxy medals, printing medals, the first step of the medal, metal medals after baking varnish or soft enamel process into a rich color of the exquisite medals.

Metal medals three-dimensional strong, a variety of patterns of layering, is the high-end user type of the most use of a medal products.

Metal medals common to some materials

Metal medals are made of copper, iron, zinc alloy or silver and other metal materials, after a certain medal crafts produced.