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Belt Buckle SuppliersJun 07, 2018

Wether we should ship the samples to a new client freely?  

Client does not pay both sample cost and shipping cost, by normal process, we can supply free samples to the customers, while they should pay the shiiping cost, for sure sometimes, it is a small amount for shipping, and it seems not necessary to charge since it is very complicated and waste time, while we believe if a client really want to cooperate with us, they will get over the troubles and paid for his convience, from our company perspective, if ship to a client freely is fine, if 100,200 or even more? that will be a huge amount. 

Anyhow, today we shipped a sample to client freely, since the communication process is too long and we decide to do it after the overall consideration, while we could say, if we decide to do it,then we trust the client, while for further inquires, let us make as our normal principle, this should be a fair business

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