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Be Sincere On EverythingDec 16, 2017

Always to be a sincere supplier


This morning we received the PO from Brad, it is a new order--32000pcs S hooks for the medals connectors, all the awards medals are in the process, while we just confirm the samples of the S-hooks and started the production, we open the PO and found out the type error or maybe the client remember a wrong price, it is USD 0.035/piece, while he typed it USD 0.35/ piece, we found out and made a PI with the right price USD 0.035 and send it back to our client, it is very important to be sincere even the customer forget


This S hook applies to the connection of the medals, since one person may join different matches, then there will be many medals, they need something to store, before our client made connector, it is actually something like the medal, with several enamel finishing, just the size is smaller than the normall medal, while the cost is not cheap, since the size is small, and there are many colors, it still take much more time to make, then the labor cost is extremely high and not economic at all.   this year, change it to the small, simple and cheap S-hook to make it economic  


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