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Awards Medal MountingJul 01, 2018

Medal awards for sale

Napa Valley, one of the design of the 3rd production run, the pre-production was approved by the client on the dimensions, enamel,coating, and also the ribbons, the production was proceeded to catch the loading date on July 31st

Rough introduction about this running finisher medal

Item: running memories medal

Order qtty: 4416 pieces for REGULAR team and 186 pieces for the ULTRA team

Material:  Zinc alloy

Size: 127.4*82.7*4mm

Finish: Antique silver coating+ enamel(orange in the front and blue color on the back side,also a custom glow in the dark logo on the back with WHITE paint while show blue color at night)

Deisign: Total 3 layers

First layer: embossed and enamel with color 158C

Second layer is where we can see the antique silver color

Third layer: the letters raised

Ribbon color: blue

Ribbon size: 895.3*25.4mm

Rubbon finish: double sided patterns by sublimatted printing

To design and make a running medal, please feel free to contact us at: