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Awards Medal GermanyJun 14, 2018

Received the order and artwork from our clients on the 3rd production of 2018

We are going to move on the molds for the race medal bottle opener right away on the partial events of 3rd production-Germany

The puzzles consist of 10 fronts and 10 backs, all the fronts are the same, and all the 10 backs are different from each other to be one complete page 

These running medal bottle openers are made of zinc alloy material with a heavy duty, enamel orange on the front and blue on the back,also the white area glow blue color in the dark, while normal white in the day time 

These silver medal bottle opener are used for the running race oringnated in the USA, while now it is popular in different countries, USA, GERMANY, UK, AUSTRILIA etc. 

These winner medal bottle openers will be finished mid of Aug. and delivered to germany no later than Aug.24th 

winner medal bottle opener.jpg