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Approval On The Leather Case Of American Campaign MedalJan 02, 2019

Approval on the leather case of American campaign medal


We just got approved on the medallion awards case from our client after their Christmas and new year holidays, they always pursue perfection on the custom medallion series details, our case supplier gets a little impatient after the many times of modification, just like most factories in China, when they think something is good then must be reasonable to the clients, what we know is that we need to work with our clients to adjust to the desired option they prefer, surely takes time, while important, our only exception is we can’t achieve that technology, then we will discuss with the client by using some methods which can be done


Chinese New Year is coming, the 1st medallion sports will be ready soon around Jan.15th for loading and shipping and all these custom designed zinc alloy/stainless steel medallions will be delivered on March and ready for April events

American campaign medal case_