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A Logistics Guide During Riots PeriodJun 11, 2020

For Sellers of American Way, follow these three steps:

One is to buy insurance, avoid high-risk areas, delay delivery, especially Chicago, Los Angeles and other riot center as far as possible to avoid;
  Second, do a good job in the transportation cycle extension plan. Curfews can lead to tight turnover and late pickup and return of containers, which can lead to additional costs. Therefore, place a margin in your transportation plan to avoid additional costs.
  Three is a small amount of goods, many pieces. In order to spread the risk, it is not recommended for sellers to release too many goods at one time. It is better to release a few goods several times, but this will increase the logistics cost.

For Europe and the United States and other countries and regions with unstable logistics timeliness, such as Spain, Canada and other places. It is suggested that the seller pay close attention to the logistics dynamics, inform the customer of the cargo transportation situation in time, and provide the best feasible Suggestions to the customer when necessary to reduce the loss.
For the countries and regions that have not been affected, we can still ship goods normally at present, but we should pay close attention to the logistics dynamics and make contingency plans.
  It is worth noting that the seller had better buy insurance after shipment. As the riot is listed as one of the force majeure factors by the insurance company, if you do not buy special insurance, in this case, the loss of goods can not be compensated. In addition, when the warehouse delivers the goods to the third-party logistics companies (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) for final delivery, it is a robbery, then the complainant transfers the goods to the logistics company. In the absence of special insurance, the goods will not be claimed.
  We are all created equal, an independent and equal being, and should not be treated unfairly because of the color of our skin. I hope that order can be restored as soon as possible and we can stand together in the sun.