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1st Day Working, New Year, New StartJan 02, 2018

Today is the 2nd day in 2018, we finished 3 days holidays, Dec. 30,31,2017, and Jan.1st 2018(offical holidays), today is the 1st day we start working in new year, everything is a new start, we express wishes and gratitudes to our colleagues, also sent emails to all of our clients, since they will start working today on 2nd, there are so many things need to discuss and confirm with them, on the molds, sampling, order details or shipping schedule, clients will get busy also since they finish the important festivals, Christmas and New Year, and another busy season is coming, they need to schedule the next step,there is a big gap in Feb, all the manufactures in China can't be back to normal since the Chinese new year is comings

Let make something great in 2018, if you need to make the medals, buckle for belt, bottle openers, keychains, please reach to us! 

Thanks for reading!