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Product Details

Customized design of snow mountain key chain

Travel represents an attitude,            

Some people like to be busy, like to go to the luxury city with plenty of traffic,            

And some people like to be quiet, like to go to the secret world.           

Although the city is bustling, but occasionally to escape the noise of the city,           

Step into the holy land where "the boudoir people don't know" and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Namjagbrawa,the most beautiful snow mountain in China. Tibetan means "the spear that stabs the blue sky".  Namjagbrawa is not famous for its great bank and precipitous and towering mountain posture, but for its rare mysterious face and mysterious legend. It has been covered by clouds all the year round. Many people have been to Tibet several times and have not yet been able to see the noble face of nagabawa.


We designed souvenirs for such a magnificent scenic spot. It is a personalized rectangular key chain which is very suitable for promotional products. Design the beautiful features of this place to leave a good memory for the tourists here.




Product description

Item: Keychain charms 
Material: Zinc Alloy 

Minimum order: 500 pieces 

Workmanship: Die-casting, Plating, Enamel

Payment Term  (1)30% deposit and balance before delivery;    

                           (2)T/T,PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,MONEY GRAM etc.


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