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Rectangular Double-sided Lettering Key Chain

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Double sided printing and lettering National Flag Key Chain

Each key chain is like an independent person. They are endowed with good-looking patterns, bright colors and exclusive words. These key chains embody the unique ideas of customers. I think the workers who make the key chains, the suppliers who sell them and the customers who buy them will feel happy. Every time they put these beautiful key chains on their home keys, they must be smiling. Because there is their warm family key and beloved motorcycle key on it.            

Although our key chain is made of cold metal, every one is a handicraft with temperature. Every worker who makes them, every supplier who sells them and every customer who buys them are smiling and warm.

Choose the metal and color you like

China die casting medal333

China die casting medal444

Every customer is a good friend on our way to success

china bottle opener manufacture.

We are a warm company, our friends are very warm! 

If you trust us, please contact us!

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