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High Quality Retro Cool Key Chain

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High quality retro personality key chain

This classic personalized retro key chain is very suitable for the promotion of the company, and it is also very suitable for the souvenir presented to the participants. This key chain can be hung with your car key. When you take it out of your pocket, it will definitely add a lot of flash points to yourself.They are made of high quality and durable polished zinc alloy, so they will surely be used for many years, and you don't have to worry about the rust of the key chain when you go through the worldand ,and it will certainly exude charming charm.Our products can be made of different materials, including silver, nickel, bronze, zinc alloy, etc., or customized. As long as you tell our friends what you think, we will make the key chain you want most. Let our key chain help you become the coolest one!

product description

Keychain / Key Chain

Meterial: Zinc Alloy 

Process: Plating

Place of Origin: China




Affordable and portable packaging



Choose your favorite materials and colors

China die casting medal333

China die casting medal444

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