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Heats Photo Couple Key Chain For Girlfriend

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Heart shaped hollow key chain Photo Box Pendant

It must have never occurred to you that you can put photos of your lover, girlfriend and family into the key chain. It can be carried with you and kept in mind. The key chain is a simple picture frame, in which you can put any picture, or a small picture drawn by a child. How can you be short of such a happy thing? Oh! that's not romantic.

The carving process of hollowing out the surface of the key chain is really like a treasure.            

Its shape of love, let others see is to know that your heart is full of love, you are such a romantic person, no one can be more romantic than you.            

If someone falls in love with you, it will be his honor, because you are filled with people in the photos.        Your love will make her better. The key chain can also be made into a necklace for you to hang it around your neck.   


Warm tips:    


1. The small pink drill on the top will not fade or fall off (pay attention to maintenance)            

2. The photos can be customized as you like, as long as you send them to us            

3. If you need to make the key chain into a necklace, or match another chain on the basis of the key chain, please let us know

China die casting medal444

If you are a romantic person or want to be romantic, please contact us!

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