Producing Process Of Zinc Alloy Medal

Raw material: zinc alloy


Step 1: Die casting

The mould is composed of two parts, and the pattern is carved on the mould. The zinc alloy, which is originally a solid. It melts and then flows into the mold along the pot, where it is formed by die-casting and springing out of the product - called a blank.

Step 2: Polish process

(1) grinding+rough polish


(2) finely polished by hand



Step 3: Coating (this also cause price difference)

(1)common quality standard: looked like dyed black 


(2) High quality standard: electrophoresis black 


Step 4: Enamel

(1) We need to make sure the workshop is clean,otherwise dust will drop on medal making the bubbles as well as unsuitable temperature when dry the enamel.


(2)More difficult to make big enamel area(need strict control on workshop cleanliness and temperature)


Step 5: Sew ribbon

Step 6: Packaging: Single opp bag