Material classification of key chain


PVC Soft Glue key buckle also known as drop gum keychain, soft glue key buckle, glue keychain, micro key buckle.

1). Use PVC materials, DINP oil, KM31 powder is environmentally friendly PVC, through does not contain phthalate {phthalates (or ester)} certification. Soft PVC Products (micro-injection) using imported raw materials, scientific formula unique technology production, are used in the world's popular non-toxic PVC soft plastic materials produced, the use of imported raw materials, scientific formula unique process production, product quality through the European Toy Safety standards $literal, En71-2, $literal. (Products sold in Europe and America market). Key chain can be used key ring, can be produced according to customer requirements of different shapes and sizes and specifications, printing enterprise logo design and cartoon modeling, price concessions, is the ideal gift for promotional activities of enterprises.

2. The effect is diverse, the surface can be planar, 2D stereo, 3D three-dimensional, etc., can also add transparent oil, made transparent, translucent, add fluorescent powder, made into luminous, add flavor, make a fragrance, but also put on the compass, thermometer and other trinkets. Home decoration applicable occasions for the promotion of a wide range of industries, this product has a strong three-dimensional, colorful, feel very good, have very good visual effect, have very good decoration and advertising effect!

3). They are elegant in appearance, the pattern diversity also comes from the rich imagination production, its pattern is diverse, the heart shape, the Christmas tree, the butterfly, and all kinds of cartoon, each kind of small animal shape, very lifelike, very lovable, beautiful and generous, is a fashionable adornment, by the young boys and girls love. Products with soft, long life, do not stimulate the skin and so on, is a popular fashion jewelry in Europe and the United States and other countries, but also the best choice for the new human, so that you cool taste full!

According to the size and shape you want to make custom, open mold fee is generally not too expensive, jewelry store this material most;


Also that is plexiglass, divided into hollow and solid, is transparent, the middle can put color paper into; Acrylic hardness determines the degree of wear of the key chain. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic in addition to unparalleled high, there are the following advantages: Good toughness, not easy to damage, restorative, as long as the soft foam dipped in a bit of toothpaste can be a new cleaning; soft texture, no cold biting in winter, colorful, can meet the different tastes of the pursuit of individuality. With acrylic production basin, bathtub, toilet, not only exquisite style, durable, but also environmental protection, its radiation line and the body's own skeleton radiation level is similar.

Zinc Alloy

Zinc alloy is also a relatively strong plasticity of metal, the general surface through the drop oil paint or electroplating treatment to make the product more beautiful. Surface treatment Process has: polishing, point paint (paint), soft enamel, printing, fuel injection, sandblasting, electroplating.