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Waiters Corkscrew (4 In 1) - Bottle Opener With Foil Cutter, Wine Opener And Beer Opener With Elegant Rosewood Handle

Waiters Corkscrew (4 In 1) - Bottle Opener With Foil Cutter, Wine Opener And Beer Opener With Elegant Rosewood Handle
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(4 in 1) - Waiters' Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, Wine Opener and Beer Opener with Elegant Rosewood Handle

Constructions: stainless steel + rose wood handle 

Weight:  around 100gsm

Size:    120*25mm

Usage: for wine, champagne or any other beverage with wood cork

● Start your order: 100pcs

● Production time: 2 weeks

Pack: 1 piece/ plastic bag or a box for gift purpose

Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, Wine Opener and Beer Opener .jpg


● High quality and nice design, is it cool to get the awesome quality for your chosen product right?  Here it comes, our stainless steel material waiters’ corkscrew with rosewood handle, strong stainless steel core come together with elegant rosewood handle

(4 IN 1): Need a multifunctional gadget for drinks opening and closing? It comes with foil cutter, corkscrew opener and beer opener in one peace, corkscrew opener is enriched with double hinged fulcrum for excellent leverage of uncorking wines which provides smoother pulling of the corks

BONUS: For impermeable sealing and no leakage, you can think about 2 extra silicone stoppers if you need them which are made of food grade silicone, durable, unbreakable, reusable and dishwasher safe, protecting drinks from different unpleasant odors, bottle with stopper doesn`t change the height much, it fits to refrigerator


LIFE EASIER, due to multifunctional gadget - it can fit in each pocket for camping time or use it as a standard tool of choice in bar and homes. It will please you with ease and precision that a waiter’s corkscrew bring it to the table



Let us see the feedback when somebody uses the awesome wine corkscrew bottle opener:

1,This amazing wine key is of really great quality, nice design and it fits in hand perfectly. The rosewood handle is strong and it looks beautiful. The whole tool is very useful and multifunctional because you can use it as foil cutter, wine opener and beer opener. What I like the most is that corkscrew comes in a set with two silicone stoppers - what a brilliant idea because we don't usually drink the whole bottle at once, so it's really handy to have good stoppers near. I never knew that a single set will meet so many needs. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and I would highly recommend it to everyone

2, In this purchase I bought something for me and my family. I am very satisfied with waiters corkscrew, it really meets my expectations. We found out that also this silicone stoppers are fantastic. My children love to drink natural apple juice, which is quite complicated to store. We are using this silicone stoppers which seals really good and keep juice in condition for longer time with no additional smells from refrigerator. Very good purchase!


3, I was looking for bottle opener for home use. At first I want to buy a butterfly type of opener but after all good words about waiters’ corkscrew I bought this one. I must say that this was really good decision, because the corkscrew is really as described, very good quality and nice design, also the stoppers are as promised, seals very good! 

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