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Beer Bottle Opener Keyring

Beer Bottle Opener Keyring
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Product Details

 This kind of beer bottle opener keyring is made of metal
 Cool hand shape, works perfect when open a lid
 Laser, imprint or engraved logo is a good choice for your promotion
 Organize your keys or open up your favorite beverage with ease
 Perfect for gift giving, nice advertisement for your event
 No hesitation, buy from AIJIE, Let us create something together with our sincere and profession, it is just you need, and we make it!

Helping others is helping yourself

 One of our friends and customers Roberto from Mexico, we know him since 2010, and he got back to China after 2 years rest because of a serious accident, then we started some cooperation, while God played a joke on him, he had another accident and broke his left hand when collided with a car, he just started his business after a couple of years, very hard for him to afford, nobody help him even he has many friends while most of them were bar friends, the founder of our company Gavin accompanied him in the hospital and paid some cost since the car driver only paid some part, while it was the worst period since we were cheated by our partner from USA, actually for Gavin was in a dilemma, too tight to pay, while as friends, he decided to help him to get through this first anyhow

 Dramatically, Roberto had a payment come in, and there was around USD 30000 extra could be put in our account, that was so helpful for us to get through the difficulty, then we got everything moving, and paid back to him slowly by slowly, till now we are good friends and we help him on his visa or other things in his life

 Sometimes, you never know what will happen at next second, always help people who need sincerely, and something magic will happen even it is not mean to do that

Product description
 ●   Item: Keyring with opener
 ●   Material: Zinc Alloy
 ●   Minimum order: 500 pieces
 ●   Mold time: 7-10 days
 ●   Production time: 15-20 days
 ●   Workmanship: Die-casting, Electroplating 


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