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Western Belt Buckles for Men

Western Belt Buckles for Men
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 Are you looking for something special for your event or for your clients?  It is not just a thing for memory, but something people will keep even use it for some other purpose, yes here it is, an awesome belt buckle, you can make any color you prefer, and use it for a race medal, birthday present, or gift for yourself, you can shape it a nice opener and bring you the greatest convenience in a part 

 Making the western style buckle with AIJIE company, trust us, we will never release any bad pieces or use any harm elements, just as we do with all the clients, we would like to lose once rather than losing the client forever if some problem happen unluckily, take the responsibility, never hurt others, as it hurt yourself at the same time

Seeing is not always believing
 When we browse the Amazon shops regards on the belt buckle, we found a buyer bought a belt buckle from a seller, his review we think can represent the common phenomenon  
 Let us see what he said: not at all like the pictured item. The buckle itself was dark, almost black instead of silver, so you couldn't see any of the floral work. The letter was very thin, with flaxy corners that made it look like molded plastic rather than another piece of metal work. And it was attached, but there was a *gap* between the letter and the buckle itself, so it would be incredibly flimsy to wear. Over all I'm not at all satisfied, and I've already got it packed up to return, what is your idea when you look at this review?  Maybe you have the similar purchasing experience before?  It is reasonable if the photos are beautified for attracting more clients, while if the quality is not the same, the faster we attract more buyers, the faster we lose the reputation, earlier years, any suppliers in China, no need to worry about selling, whatever you have at hand, you make the profits, like the Chinese e-commerce platform TAOBAO, you can get a lot of orders even with very poor photos and quality, while it changes along with the globalization and strong competition   
 What we really need to do is not only beautifying the websites and photos, but also the quality of products (serious on the raw material and all the other details which make sense for triple wins- clients, partners and yourself), good quality+ smooth communication, better understanding are far enough for us to set up trust with the clients

Product description
 ●   Item: western belt buckle for men
 ●   Material: Zinc Alloy
 ●   Minimum order: 500 pieces
 ●   Mold time: 7-10 days
 ●   Production time: 15-20 days
 ●   Workmanship: Die-casting, Electroplating, Enamel


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