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Belt buckle attachment

As men's dress styles become bolder and more diverse, designers have also made many innovations in the style of belts (belt buckle accessories) as an indispensable must-have item for men's clothing, with the belt buckle designs as a connection of the belt and pants, it is no longer just to meet the single function, but also becomes a very good ornament in its diverse style


Reasons to choose this style or the series of belt buckles for sale


1: Durable material:

Zinc alloy has good casting performance and can be applied to complex shaped parts. It is wear-resistant and not easily damaged, It is an ideal metal for making belt buckles


2: Unique design, following trends, lasting for a long time, making you particularly attractive in the crowd


3: To achieve its durability by repeated polishing and advanced plating technology


4: To make a belt buckle, real materials are made of zinc alloy, with enough material to make it comfortable with the heavy-duty feeling when put in your hand


belt buckle attachment (2).jpg

belt buckle attachment (5).jpg

Products information:

Name: Cocky belt buckle components

Colors: red, black, antique silver

Material: zinc alloy

Weight: 72.5kgs

Fitting for belt: 3.8-4cm width 

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