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Wrestling Awards Medal

Wrestling Awards Medal
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Premium Quality Wrestling Awards Medal
 ● A Wrestling competition medal is a good item for players who have given excellent performance in the events whether it's a team or individual effort, and it gives perfect recognition to the winners for their unmatched efforts and recognizes the success that they were able to achieve. It provides pride to winners and motivates others.
 ● Customize Wrestling Medals with AIJIE, you will be guaranteed on the safe payment, premium quality, and delivery punctuality, and you will also be promised a <1% defective rate, if anything over that, we will remake the error and ship by our cost

A very bad experience with a profound influence on our further business
 Actually the earlier year for AIJIE was not easy, as a broker, as a new company, one order caused big loss and many troubles because of the lack of experience, normally we made small orders, while one time, we were informed need a very low price for a 55000pcs bag order, we checked around and compared so many suppliers in the market, internet was not popular yet in 2011-2012, we need to sourced suppliers in the market and finally chose one with very low price and won the order, while the nightmare began, this guy was very talkative, gave us so much promises and beautiful words, they use our deposit as other orders because of the fund chain break, no choice we paid again to make sure no delay on the delivery time for the event, while they did the same bought some fabric and made around 600 bags only, the situation was delivery time was upcoming, we negotiated with them, they always promised something while did nothing, my partner got mad and shouted every day, and we just like in a mire, struggled but can’t get over, and sometimes, really want to give up, we walked by the street with worries and fear, the most terrible thing is when the night falls, again we need to face the partner with the feeling of blame and shout, while we were aware can’t give up, it’s our responsibility to get through this, for us and for my partner, while the worst thing was not this, we asked so many times to visit the factory while he rejected every time, we told him if we could not visit the factory, the order will be canceled, he promised me to inspect in the factory, while he played again when we arrived in the city which the manufacture located, he transferred his phone to my number, it was always busy when I called him, and the call came to my phone when my colleague tried to call him, well, no any choice, I texted my partner and he advised told that guy cancel the order, the second morning he called me crazily, and finally I picked up, and my partner need his promise for discount because of the delay, and he promised, it seems everything was settled, while as you know, it is very difficult to wake up from a nightmare even you are so scared and really want to get rid, we came back to the factory, they only finished around 25000pcs, we were ready to pay and ship some first, while the moment when I passed the cash, he advised need to increase the unit price, maybe you think the story finished, no, we shipped all the bags by express, and the shipping cost is even more than the order cost, around USD 45000, and Gavin was even beaten by the supplier, so ridiculous, anyhow he was put in the jail and the nightmare finished, how important to choose a supplier, many years passed, the business environment may changed, while there are still many people only look at the short benefits, this matter is a priceless lesson for us, how to choose a supplier, how to be sincere in our business just as our faith says: Always work hard and sincere, NO CHEATING!  Buy your awards medal for wrestling from AIJIE, safe purchasing will be guaranteed.

Product description
 ●   Item: Wrestling event medal
 ●   Material: Zinc Alloy
 ●   Minimum order: 500 pieces
 ●   Mold time: 7-10 days
 ●   Production time: 15-20 days
 ●   Workmanship: Die-casting, Gold Electroplating
 ●   Accessories: Sublimation ribbon/Nylon cord/Hemp cord


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