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Swimming Awards Medal

Swimming Awards Medal
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Buy swimming awards medal from China, we AIJIE are ready for your choice!  
 For a buyer, price, quality is absolutely important, while if a supplier understand your market, understand what you want, that will be wonderful, good communication and understanding will minus the risk, avoid the time consuming, speeding up your business, yes AIJIE does this
 Over the years, we learned most Chinese suppliers are good at talking about story, and acting low-efficiency, what AIJIE does is keeping us at the same page with the clients:  
 ● Express and communicate simply and directly
 ● Update in the process of production with photos or videos
 ● Give feedback with solutions timely if there are any issues
 ● Problems are not terrible, facing the clients are not easy, while the best choice is: face it and resolve it
 First AIJIE is a partner who can make the clients feel easy, Secondly, we are a supplier who makes good quality medals, badges, keychain, openers and belt buckles
 In 2011, Gavin realized it’s time to start his own business, and he talked with a customer from USA, and they clicked with each other, as the client stated Gavin is a person sincere and reliable, there were no worries on the payment or any affairs he got involved, while this was a words after around 20 times tests on the payments and purchasing abilities, it is reasonable, if someone starts cooperation with a stranger or new friend, Gavin was told by the partner, now Gavin I trust you, I sent 20 small payments, while you made everything fair, clear and did every order carefully and smoothly for us, it is time for growing, then it is not strange to learn from Gavin the first year they started the promotional items business while the entire turnover was only around USD 2000, it was amazing, while the 2nd year as his partner promised, the amount was over than USD 1 million, we do believe the 1st step is trust, and how trust is difficult to set up and it is worthy once constructed, everything else gets easier and this is our faith, always work hard and sincere, no cheating, not only to the key accounts also for all the customers or friends we are working with, as the slogan shown in the website page, the most beautiful words from our clients : partners with AIJIE, no worry, no hurry!                                                             This is also a story when and how we succeed for the 1st step, and most importantly, if you are a new buyer, you will feel easier to try with less hesitation, or even someone who is experienced, we do believe when you read this kind of real story, you will be impressed and at least try this company for an inquiry, please feel free to contact us without hesitation and we will talk further
 Get your swimming event medallion from AIJIE with guarantee

Product description
 ●   Item: Swimming awards medal
 ●   Material: Zinc Alloy
 ●   Minimum order: 500 pieces
 ●   Mold time: 7-10 days
 ●   Production time: 15-20 days
 ●   Workmanship: Die-casting, Electroplating + Soft Enamel
 ●   Accessories: Sublimation ribbon/Nylon cord/Hemp cord


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