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Medal Road Runner Race

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Medal road runner

This is a very stylish and beautiful medal made of zinc alloy. Its overall design is very attentive. The material can reflect the taste of people and highlight the quality of the work. And in terms of details, the craftsmen are also dedicated to creating! Handmade products can highlight people's intentions, and superb income can see the maturity of their technology! Because it is handmade, every medal maker will carefully check and deal with the burrs, no matter how small they are, they will not let go. We only hope to present to our customers perfect products and high-quality products! Let the person who buys the medal be satisfied, and the person who wears it can feel happy. This medal is cool and handsome, you can choose and customize your favorite lanyard. Whether it is a collection or as a decoration is a good choice. Such medals are always given special meaning.

♡Medal type   

——Metal medal, Gold medal, sports medal, souvenir medal.


——zinc alloy etc.  


——Customer size 

♡QC Control   

——100% inspection before packing, Spot inspection before shipment


——Free replacement if find out any short or defective goods within 90 days after shipment


——Nickel, antique nickel, double plating and more

♡Payment Term   

——(1)30% deposit and balance before delivery;



The craftsmen who make medals will carefully deal with burrs and blemishes

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