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Medal chase the moon

Chase the Moon is a 12-hour team relay and solo ultramarathon, run overnight under the light of the full moon in the Highlands Ranch Backcountry trail system. Run as a solo ultrarunner and their fellow moon-chasing friends for a 3-person or 5-person relay team. Chase the Moon begins at 7 p.m. on Friday during a beautiful Rocky Mountain sunset, continues through the night beneath the illumination of the full moon, and finishes at 7 a.m. on Saturday as the sun rises in the east to paint the foothills with alpenglow. this is a unique and incredible running experience.

The medals we produce echo these unique and incredible events. The moon patterns on the medals come to life, and the stars are also shining, as if they were seen during the marathon. The patterns and text on the medals are embossed. This is a major advantage of zinc alloy materials. And the logo of the event organizer can be customized on the lanyard of our medal, which is very beautiful and generous. The color of our medal's lanyard is as beautiful as the night sky when running, and the deep blue makes people feel happy when they look at it.

Process    Stamped/Die casting.    

Logo    Enamel,paint paint with epoxy,embossed,laser,silk screen prints.    

Package    Poly bag/bubble bag/OPP bag/Plastic box/gift box.    

Size    Based on customized.    

Weight    Based on customized.    

Sample cost    Depend on sample type or artwork and size.    

Sample time    Usually 7-9days.(Guarantee the quality as the premise)    

Dellvery time    Usually 10-12days.(Guarantee the quality as the premise    

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